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Here at Anti-Stress Accounting & Co Limited, we offer a wide range of tax and audit services and business services. We take a proactive approach to our service and you can expect only the very best from us, to help your business reach its maximum potential. Here’s a run-down of the core services that we provide:

Tax Advice & Planning

With taxation becoming more complex with a greater emphasis on individual and company responsibilities, professional tax advice and planning is an invaluable service.

We are tax specialists, and we can help you with income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, Value Added Tax and non-domiciliary taxes. Our aim is to help you take full advantage of the tax breaks available to you and your company. Every pound of tax saved is money you could invest back into your operations, to help you become more profitable.

Income Support

Income Support is available for people on a low income. It is dependent on how much money a person earns and any capital or savings they have. People with savings may get paid a reduced amount, and those with savings over a certain amount are not eligible.
Recipients must be over 16 years of age to get Income Support. They must not work more than 16 hours p/w and, if they have a partner, that partner can not work more than 24 hours p/w.

Invalid Carer's Allowance

Invalid Carer’s Allowance is a taxable benefit to help people who look after someone who is disabled. The claimant does not have to be related to, or living with, the person for whom they care for.

People eligible for Carer’s Allowance include those who are over 16-years old who spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone who is entitled to certain benefits.

A person may not be able to claim if they earn over a certain amount and can not claim if they are in full-time education. It is important to be aware that receiving the allowance may affect any other benefits that are claimed or benefits claimed by the person they care for.


HMRC Tax Investigations

HMRC are becoming increasingly strict when it comes to taxation. They have robust investigation policies and the penalties for non-compliance are higher than ever before.

Should you find yourself under investigation, we can help. We can communication with HMRC on your behalf, or as much as we are able to under the circumstances, and we will give the tax authorities what they need to speed up the investigation process. We will ensure you meet the rigorous demands of compliance, to relieve your burden.

Council Tax Benefit

All residents, whether in a rented or privately owned property, in a flat, bungalow or house, must pay a Council Tax to their local authority to pay for local services such as rubbish collection.

It is usually paid monthly.

As with Housing Benefit, for low earners or the unemployed, there is financial help available for paying Council Tax –
for those who own their own home or rent it.

Child Benefit

Every one with a child under 16 living permanently in the UK can apply for Child Benefit. They can also apply if a child is between 16 and 19, and in full time education, or a child of 16 or 17 years old who has recently left education or training but is registered for certain work or training.

According to the Direct Gov website, new arrivals to the UK must be one of the following to be eligible:

Physically present with their child in the UK
Have their main home is in the UK
Have the right to reside in the UK
Responsible for the child living with them

Financial Planning

For any business to succeed, it has to plan ahead. However the pressures of running a business on a daily basis can put financial planning on the backburner.

We are here to help. While accounting is mostly all about taxes, financial planning is mostly (but not completely) all about investments and growth. Our financial planning advisors will take a holistic approach to building wealth within your business. We will provide you with a comprehensive look at how your business is performing, and discover opportunities for you.

State Retirement Pension

A State Retirement Pension is paid to women aged 60 and over and men aged 65 and over. The eligible age for the state pension is due to rise to 66 in the future.

To qualify, pensioners need to have paid enough National Insurance contributions throughout their working life.

The amount they are paid depends on the contributions they have made.

Jobseeker's Allowance

Jobseeker’s Allowance is paid to an unemployed person looking for work. It is paid to eligible people over 18 years old and under retirement age who are out of a job but capable of working and actively seeking employment. It is also available to people who work 16 hours or less every week.

Housing Benefit

People on a low income, whether employed or not, may be eligible for help in paying all or part of their rent. If the salary plus savings are below a certain level, help may be available.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

This is a tax-free benefit for people that who need help looking after themselves, and there are different rates which apply to the extent of the disability. It can be claimed by anyone with mental or physical disabilities aged three to 65 with severe difficulty in walking, or anyone aged five to 65 who needs help to get around.

Our company accounting services take the stress out of this process and save you time and money. We will handle all aspects of your accounting for you, including bookkeeping, payroll and VAT returns, and we will determine the most tax effective structure for your business.

Our accounting services are designed to save you time and money and add value to your operations. They will free up your time, so you can concentrate on running your business.

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