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Here at Anti-Stress Accounting & Co Limited, we offer a wide range of tax and audit services and business services. We take a proactive approach to our service and you can expect only the very best from us, to help your business reach its maximum potential. Here’s a run-down of the core services that we provide:



Our accounting services include statutory accounting and cash-basis accounting services, self-assessment accounting, corporate accounting services and much more.

Our team of dedicated and qualified UK accountants provide monthly services for all types of business from sole traders to Limited Companies. You will be allocated a named qualified accountant who will be your point of contact, and our team will provide you with a seamless and professional accounting service that adds value to your business operations.


HMRC Tax Investigations

HMRC are becoming increasingly strict when it comes to taxation. They have robust investigation policies and the penalties for non-compliance are higher than ever before.

Should you find yourself under investigation, we can help. We can communication with HMRC on your behalf, or as much as we are able to under the circumstances, and we will give the tax authorities what they need to speed up the investigation process. We will ensure you meet the rigorous demands of compliance, to relieve your burden.


Self-assessment is the evaluation of one’s income. Your self-assessment, or SA302, is a declaration of income and one’s taxable liability.

If you are self-employed, then your self-assessment tax return must be completed and filed with HMRC at the end of the tax year. Although you can file a self-assessment tax return yourself, we would advise you to consider our services first.

Our team of experts will analyse your income using your books, and using our experience and knowledge, we will minimise your taxation burden to increase your income and free up cash within your business, all in a completely legal way. We will also assess your finances and advise on tax planning to significantly improve your bottom line.



Bookkeeping is a time-consuming task and, admittedly, a tedious one. However, it’s also an essential one, with all companies required by law to keep accurate and up to date records.

Our bookkeeping services are enjoyed by everyone, from self-employed individuals to large Private limited Companies. Our service will answer all your questions, such as who owes you money, how much profit you made, how much VAT you owe, and our bookkeepers will make sure you have everything you need for when you submit records to Companies House.

Tax Advice & Planning

With taxation becoming more complex with a greater emphasis on individual and company responsibilities, professional tax advice and planning is an invaluable service.

We are tax specialists, and we can help you with income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, Value Added Tax and non-domiciliary taxes. Our aim is to help you take full advantage of the tax breaks available to you and your company. Every pound of tax saved is money you could invest back into your operations, to help you become more profitable.



Payroll administration is one of the most time-consuming activities for any business. The good news is our payroll service will relieve you of that burden completely.

We can provide customised payslips and cover the administration of PAYE and national insurance (NIC), as well as statutory sick pay and holidays. We can also provide summaries and analyses of costs and administrate pension schemes. Our payroll services are enjoyed by companies with under 10 employees and larger companies with over 1000 employees.

Payrolls, PAYE/CIS

Payroll, PAYE, NIC, CIS, the completion of statutory forms, summaries and analyses of staff costs… these are all time-consuming processes to manage, and they can quickly eat up a company’s internal resources during a period of growth.

We will administrate Payroll, PAYE, NIC and CIS for you and complete all statutory forms and year-end returns that are issued to employees.
We can also offer administration for incentive schemes and bonuses as well as pension schemes.

Our company accounting services take the stress out of this process and save you time and money. We will handle all aspects of your accounting for you, including bookkeeping, payroll and VAT returns, and we will determine the most tax effective structure for your business.

Our accounting services are designed to save you time and money and add value to your operations. They will free up your time, so you can concentrate on running your business.

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